GEORGE: The most admired player in any casino: a good tipper. Also King George, Triple George and Jorge.

TOM/STIFF: A “tight old man” (T-O-M), a reluctant tipper or non­tipper, a player who brings his own food and drink to avoid toking the waitresses. Toms Toke the dealer a white and say chop to get 50 cents back.

A new dealer signals he’s ready to take over by tapping out his colleague on the left shoulder (a.k.a pushing in). This allows the active dealer to complete all the remaining transactions before clapping out—showing players and security his empty hands. The outgoing dealer then introduces his replacement and may pass on intelligence about the state of tipping, either with an aside (“Look out for George—sorry, Bill—at first base”) or, less subtly, by spreading the cards not into an arc but an S-shape, for stiff.