In the animated short High On The Job, Michael Montgomery, a reporter covering the American pot industry for the Center For Investigative Reporting, shares a story about a unique occupational hazard – getting stoned. (Via)


  1. I personally do not think pot should be highly regulated but more along the lines of making people educated about it without any propaganda methods. If you knew the rules when consuming weed then there would be very few mistakes like the one you made. It’s like sex education to keep people from being pregnant too soon they should know all about it before they even get the urges.

    1. Just so we’re clear here, bub, (even though he has probably, on more then one occasion, made the mistake of ingesting one too many pot edibles in his day), the poster of this video is not the same person as the one depicted within the animation. As for the video itself, I think you would file this more under the ‘shit happens” category then the “if only he were better educated, he wouldn’t have made this mistake’ school of thought. Nonetheless, I hear what you are saying…

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