In his latest project, Hysterical Literature, photographer Clayton Cubitt takes a beautiful woman, places her at a table in front of a black backdrop and gets her to read from her favorite book while an unseen accomplice below the table attempts to bring the woman to orgasm with a vibrator. The results are an intimate, sexy experience that captures a beauty rarely found in most modern pornography.

Session Five: Teresa

Session Four: Stormy

Session Three: Danielle

Session Two: Alicia

Session One: Stoya

Stoya writes about her encounter:

Sexually speaking I really enjoy things that I can’t predict and things that are new to me. This attempting-to-read-aloud-and-maintain-composure while being sexually stimulated game is new. The video camera adds a dash of exhibitionism which I always appreciate. Most interesting, though, is the Hitachi that my vagina is about to be making very good friends with for the first time.

When I tell Clayton’s lovely assistant for the evening that I’ve never experienced the Hitachi, her eyes light up. I’ve obviously gotten myself into the most fun kind of trouble. Lights get set and everyone assumes their positions. My underwear lays on the floor out of frame. As I start reading, my disbelief is suspended. I forget what is about to happen. The first touch on my thigh sends all available blood to my vulva. I continue to enunciate properly, focusing on the text. I’ve broken a sweat. If this goes on for much longer my hair will be plastered to my head with perspiration as though I’ve been working out or engaging in acrobatic man/woman penetrative fucking. I stumble over a word, my concentration breaks as I go back to pronounce it correctly. Neither the Hitachi or the woman wielding it will be denied, but in the interests of art (and because this feels so beautifully filthy I don’t want it to stop yet) I hold out as long as I can. This section of the world that I’m inhabiting slows down, zooms in. Like a stretched rubber band it suddenly contracts, and I am lovingly punched with an orgasm.

And Clayton Cubitt talks to Salon about the project.

Okay, and now, the shameless product placement. Is the real artist of the evening? The Hitachi Magic Wand Massager:



    1. I have to write my comment in a reply because I can’t figure out how to make my own comment, but I have to say this is a load of shite, for the simple fact that this did not turn me on at all, what is an orgasm without any intimacy and lust, it’s no fun, I don’t want comedy whilst i am f*cking. You don’t see people masturbating in a bloody library, do you? hm? no. NO. go create some real art. Or like some suggested below, recreate this but with some ugly fat women, not babes that are targeted to lure in buyers. ugh. UTTER CRAP.

      1. You need to broaden your horizons, and try different things. Sex is supposed to be fun, and it can also be intimate. It doesn’t necessarily need to be both at the same time either. If you are into ugly, fat women, that’s great! THe majority would rather see the opposite. That is the way life is, I suppose.

        These videos aren’t comedy at all. I don’t know where you are getting that. The women in the video are not laughing because something is funny, they are laughing because they are dumbfounded! Most people who have sex, do it because it is fun! If it sucked, there would be no reason to do it. Masturbation anywhere is hot….period. You are in the minority no doubt, my friend. Remember, no laughing while screwing!mo

      2. @Lolita: Saying “I don’t want comedy whilst i am f*cking” gives me the distinct impression that you haven’t watched these videos. There’s not supposed to be anything funny about them. The eroticism these videos create comes from the women trying their hardest to focus on the task of reading while not giving into the sensation of the vibrator between their legs. They are denying themselves an orgasm for as long as they can until they can’t control it anymore. Watching them fight it while trying to maintain composure, until the reading devolves into rapid breathing and moans, and they suddenly lose control is very… interesting. It’s oddly more honest than most porn. There are no fake screams, no strange contorted positions. But hey, if it isn’t for you then it isn’t for you. Also, what buyers are you talking about? Who’s selling something? What are they selling?
        Here’s a link for the origin of hysteria that the creator of these videos is referring to in the title “Hysterical Literature”

        1. somewhat disturbed that there are so many that have missed the point here. seems many are taking comedy too literally. it isn’t funny in the comedic way, but it is funny because these terrific women work so hard to not succumb to the pleasure of an orgasm. when they do, the smiles and acknowledgement that they have participated in something just for them is uplifting. masturbation isn’t wrong, it never was. it never has been. it never will be. personally, as pornography, it is sophisticated, creative and very enjoyable.

        2. @Josh and @Lolita “There’s not supposed to be anything funny about them. The eroticism these videos create comes from the women trying their hardest to focus on the task of reading while not giving into the sensation of the vibrator between their legs.”

          This right here is why I was laughing. it’s fucking hilarious, in a phenomenal way.

      3. I don’t know about you, but this was unbelievably hot, and artistic at the same time. These are beautiful women, reading some wonderful writing, and it’s so well done, watching them trying to keep themselves under control. I’m going to guess that you’ve never really /watched/ a woman be slowly stimulated to an orgasm if you find this boring. It’s not comedy, it’s beautiful and fun and you can tell that they’re actually enjoying themselves, which is so important for good sex, even when it’s simply watching your partner pleasuring themselves. I’ll take this over porn any day. Go back to watching your boring mainstream porn if you really find this that much crap, and I wish you much joy of it.

        1. Orgasming through a distracting task is intensely pleasurable, as many men who have driven a car through a blowjob can attest. Plus, there is also that element of real danger. It takes a woman who really trusts her man’s control to do this all the way through his ejaculation.

      4. Alas, the telling phrase for you is “for the simple fact that this did not turn me on at all”. My simple counter is that I wasn’t aroused to self-gratification either. My enjoyment was the privilege of witnessing a woman receive her pleasure from that singular experience of orgasm in such a novel way. Her responses ebb and flow in a complex rhythm much like watching the waves roll onto a beach and then reach a crescendo that spills over a seawall with inevitable certainty. Truly, if I was searching for something to help me achieve my own sexual gratification, I would have to search elsewhere. But I don’t need to have an orgasm in order to celebrate another’s pleasure. Are you that selfish a lover?

        1. Nicely stated George. I find that the face of a woman having an orgasm is even more beautiful than anything else, only rivaled perhaps by what her body language says when she is having it. I have alwals thought that we can realy know how a person is when one is having a GOOD sexual realtionship, particularly when either one of the memebers is having an orgasm.

        2. Fabulously worded, George. In no way did I look at this as anything but the beautifully portrayed art of being a woman. To think that so many men rush through the sexual act without taking the time to witness a woman’s complete pleasure, defies the nature of the true lover. As a woman, half of my pleasure comes from pleasing my lover. Without that precious component instilled within me, how could I ever achieve the purest climatic’s of the aching body, mind, heart and soul? My brain was highly stimulated throughout this whole experiment, and isn’t it the brain anyway that is the largest sex organ? Suddenly, I want to be an experiment. <3

          1. Agreed Bren. It’s very erotic to see them willing and vulnerable in their pleasure. So well done. So well done. so subtle in their beauty from this intimate perspective. A rare view…unscripted, natural progression…just love it! I want a turn too. 😉

      5. I think you might be confused by the word “hysterical.” Although we use it to mean “riotously funny,” it comes from the word “hysteria,” an now-outdated ailment of women thought to come from their lady parts. The root “hyster-” means “pertaining to the uterus” (think “hysterectomy”) and I think here it is used to create a cheeky title, not advertise comedy.

      6. Lolita, I think maybe you confuse art, porn and reality. I can’t do real actual sex without intimacy, but I like to imagine all kinds of things. People masturbating in a library is a fun idea. I like the other ideas and images I get from porn, erotica, my own fantasies. Porn is all about turning you on, so if it doesn’t excite you, it’s not good. This is art. Because it involves orgasms doesn’t mean it should turn you on. That is not the job of art. Art is there to provoke thought, spark your imagination, elicit emotions, be beautiful, touch your soul. Not get your rocks off. I felt this was a wonderful creation, imaginative and beautiful. You disagree, but for odd reasons. However, we each experience art in different ways.

      7. your a close-minded fool. this is artistic expression on a new medium. I really can’t believe in this world of possibilities that people are so F****** stupid

      8. Perhaps you’re misunderstanding the word “hysterical”. The root meaning of the word is in reference to the uterus (think hysterectomy – those definitely are NOT funny) and not meaning ha-ha that’s so hilarious. I’m generally a literal-minded person, I am an engineer after all, and immediately found the duality of the title to be rather intelligently punny. Watching their faces, listening to their speech, and especially their breathing was rather erotic in a non-raunchy way. In my opinion this is similar in concept to “beautiful agony” with the additional twist of the readers trying not to give in to the physical pleasure.

      9. If someone can’t make me laugh while having sex it’s over. Sex is fun. Too much serious makes for very boring bedfellow.

      10. I really enjoyed this, and I’m not even sure if it was from a sexual perspective. I’m a guy, and while I certainly had an erection for a large portion of the videos I mainly found myself just grinning. For me, the sexiest part of sex has never been the feeling or even the act of cumming, it’s always been the experience of watching, listening, and feeling my partner as she enjoys (hopefully) the crap out of herself. This isn’t supposed to be funny, or even necessarily sexy (although I definitely found it to be so) it’s supposed to separate the stigma attached to genitalia and to sex in general from the sensation of the female orgasm. Sex is seen as so dirty all the time, but in this all we see is a woman reading some good books, trying to concentrate, and enjoying the sensations between her legs. Personally that’s how I want sex to be: no drama, no stigma, just fun.

      11. lol, real art is not defined by what gets you off.. a real artist does whatever they feel like, they don’t pander to an audience. and, he does have a larger woman in the 7th video, although she isn’t ugly.

      12. Um I have masturbated in the library because I’m a bibliophile. This is an extension of that type of arousal, art + erotic + distraction. You’ve never played with someone while they’re on the phone. It’s incredibly fun. They can’t let anyone know how aroused they are. Their voice breaks, but they try to keep it together.

      13. It has been said with some insight that most negative comments reveal more about one’s own perceived inadequacies and insecurities. Indeed, these videos, like as not do fit my definition of art as something that provokes feelings, thought and perhaps reaction.
        We may never know who originated the phrase that art is something that disturbs the comfortable and comforts the disturbed.

      14. Well, I know people masturbate in the library. Intimacy of the kind you talk about is social construction. Get over it. Or not. You are missing a hell of a portion of joys of sexuality.

      1. I didn’t find ALL of them beautiful. That’s the spice of life, some I might find unattractive, you may find beautiful. Art is in the eye of the beholder, as is beauty.

      2. Yes. This. why aren’t there women of size? Older women? Dark skinned women? Is sexuality only acceptable if it’s expressed by people who conform to society’s standard of beauty? I’d love to see future sessions that focus on a range of body types, races, and ages. THAT would be some erotic art!

    2. I find it rather exciting to have some idea of what is going on under the table, but not know exactly because you can’t see it. The entertaining part is to see the reader trying their best to concentrate, but finally having to give in to the physical stimulation…..very sexy!! As far as art, I just don’t know.

    3. Totally novel idea. I think these comments are funny. As if the women have to be ugly for it to be art? Art is art, its creativity. This is creative. And totally funny. I think the first girl was the best. She held back really well. This is awesome, thank you.

    4. What an enormous PRIVILEGE, to witness such genuine intimacy. The word “pornography” is out of place here. This is infinitely more refined, and, yes, of course, staggeringly arousing. I for one feel grateful to these beautiful, beautiful women, as well as humbled at their generosity and candor. Bless your hearts and “vive la différence”…

    1. Sorry, bub, I’m not involved in this project at all. I’m just a (much delighted) voyeur like yourself.

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    1. Andy Warhol’s Blow Job (1964)

      From wikipedia:

      “Blow Job is a silent film, directed by Andy Warhol, that was filmed in January 1964. It depicts the face of an uncredited DeVeren Bookwalter as he apparently receives fellatio from an unseen partner. While shot at 24 frame/s, Warhol specified that it should be projected at 16 frame/s,[1] slowing it down by a third.”

      “Despite the salacious title, the film shows only the expression on the young man’s face; the implied sexual act itself is not seen. It is not stated whether it is a male or a female performing the act, and the viewer must assume that fellatio is occurring. It has also been speculated that the salaciousness is entirely in the title, and that no fellatio was actually being performed.”

  2. a request: charles bukowski / various poems / petite meek redhead (or by diversifications at will)…etc. z >>>
    ps: i; too; am a poet …or; if you prefer; a book, by request …genteel la femme applique via E, eh”?” the z >>>
    pss: as for this site/”art form” …?…i have never actually witnessed the true power of the spoken word more intensely erotic or pleasantly soothing …thank you for your insightfully delightful brilliance! :) z >>>

    1. Although with the damage water does to books, maybe they would have to whistle show tunes or something.

    1. there is someone under the table. because in season 7 i think amanda accidentally kick the person coz she said in the end.

    2. well, even if there IS a person under the table, they could be acting. It’s called “faking it”, and it’s something most women do most of the time because they don’t like to reject. Men don’t handle it well.

      1. Maybe that’s you, Anna. However, I’m pretty sure you do not speak for “most women”. Sorry, honey, but you shouldn’t be so cynical. A lot of us do not fake it…any of the time. Your lover will never learn what you like if you do. Stop shorting yourself on pleasure just to protect his ego.

        1. As I guy, I actually agree. If I’m not doing that great, I’d want the person I was with to tell me. If both partners know what the other likes, then the overall experience would be more fun

          1. I agree I’ve never faked an orgasm in my life… I have gone through a few encounters without getting off (although, sometimes not allowed) and they learn from it. If their ego is that fragile, I’m no good for them anyways lol… besides it was a female assistant under the table using a toy that is GUARANTEED to get you off. Anyone who’s ever used a Hitachi knows you’d never need to fake anything.

      2. the fact that you mention ‘faking it” suggests that you are guilty as charged and as such need to take responsibilty for your own orgasm and stop blaming men and placating their ego’s. women will allways use men as an excuse for thier own sexual disfuntion.

  3. Very witty.

    We need to see a male (both gay and straight guys) version of this. Men are entitled to express their sexuality for art as well!

        1. I was thinking something by Chuck, too. I can’t decide what, though…..oh, who am i kidding? i would never summon the courage to do this!

        2. Invisible Monsters. I would read Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk. In fact, I’m going to read it again just for kicks.

    1. YES! I want to see some males here. Want to see their mimic expressions… Why only women again? I’m tired of this unequality.

      1. I agree, though understand the art. More variations that normalize the experience, adding in all different sorts of orgasm, short to long and with different bodies and genders would be healing.

    2. Last time I checked, a vibrator was not male or female… perhaps the male version should be any male (of any sexuality) and a flesh torch or something. These films are not about sexual preference, they are about our individual sexuality.
      Also maybe some ‘ugly’ women, seeing as this is primarily about ‘beautiful’ ones…

      1. Why do they have to be “ugly”? The problem I see with this work is that all the women fit into the dictated standard of beauty–not for fashion, so much, but definitely for porn. It’s a great idea, but falling back on that cliche makes it boring. But I understand that there is supposed to be a suggestion of pornography in this work, even though it is never verbalized.

        Beautiful women come in every shape and size imaginable, in every colour too (not just the much fantasized young girlchild exotic that features so much in porn usually made by men for men). Too bad, missed opportunity.

        1. I actually feel like they did just fine by having beautiful women, i believe a woman is the peacock of our race, Naturally, on average, their bodies are shorter and less geared for muscle. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and bla bla bla, but there is a subconscious standard or else you would be confused by what i even meant by “Beautiful Women”, But you know what i mean, everyone has the picture in their head just by saying the words. And if you want to push a powerful feeling you have to use a powerful instrument. I’m sure i’m going to anger a lot of people that believe this to be sexist talk- but i think the gift of feminine energy is to inspire through the senses. masculine is powerful but that’s not the sort of energy that is known to inspire empathy.

          These movies are about the orgasm, the girls are the instrument but the music behind this idea is the raw un-distracted orgasm they experience. They are not naked and I don’t believe in theory this is actually porn at all. It does though inspire a desire in me to be the reason behind their feeling. I think this thought mixed with the intimate nature of the videos is probably a very healthy practice for a person to learn to love the pleasure of their lover as much as their own. Congrats on the idea and performance i say~

  4. How delightful. Both erotic and comedic.

    …also, in the unlikely event that Teresa is reading this, I think I have fallen in love with you.

      “…Do you plan to have any male readers?

      I’ve been thinking about how I might be able to incorporate male, or transgender, readers, but that would present a few distracting aspects. One, they wouldn’t have the same conceptual relationship with the historical use of the term “hysteria.” Two, I don’t think men have quite the same sensual relationship to the written word as women do. Three, I’m not aware of any distracting devices that achieve the same level of abandon on men as they do on women.

      But I have researchers conducting experiments presently, and if we achieve a breakthrough, perhaps men are in for it next…”

      1. I´m desagree with point two… I think men have the same sensual relationship to the written word as women do, that´s depend of the person… Me for example, I usually get more exited with music than written word, for me the sounds are more stimulating than visual things.

    2. It’s the feminine nature to loose control just too easily (the way they do), thus the hysteria effect. Feminists are feminists.

      1. Rey, for you to say that it is in a woman’s nature to be hysterical makes me believe you’re highly prejudice against women. I’m confused why you even watched this in the first place with this kind of stance on women. Could it be that we REALLY fascinate you instead and you are like a bee drawn to the honey? Perhaps you were hurt by a woman at some time? That doesn’t seem right to categorize all women as hysterical, now does it? And, Hannes, there are several other “Hysterical Literature” episodes that include men. However, the men cum very quickly and honestly, they look a bit goofy as they lose control. I found the women’s slow crescendo to an orgasm to be much more elegant and dare I say, ARTISTIC. Perhaps, Rey, this makes women not hysterical, but rather, more divine during an orgasm.

      2. It’s certainly provocative, but it is not Art and I am not the one to tell them how it would be better or worse.

    1. Orgasm itself doesn’t contain contradiction, it’s as simple as falling. But Clayton “is interested in the battle the sitter experiences between mind and body, and how long one retains primacy over the other, and when they reach balance, and when they switch control.”

  5. What a bunch of “wank”. Honestly how does this constituents as art is bit beyond me… However I’m guessing lewd and crude sells well, along with books that all must have really climatic endings. All i can say is is… If giving a woman an orgasm is considered art, that would make me a rather esteemed Artist. >O

  6. too bad only ‘beautiful ” women were used, it seems like a GIMMICK to get people to watch,… marketing, …if random women had been used ,it would have engendered a higher”art form”. since Ive been considered” beautiful” by some, I have personal feelings towards this piece that screams “objectification in culture”or “give em what they want’ mentality. how about disabled people getting the same treatment? Or elderly? anyone but a “beautiful ” woman! Cliche….

    1. That’s interesting. I don’t think they look any more beautiful than most women I see out in the world. Kind of average, most of them. But in a beautiful way. Good point though. I would like to hear Dianetics being read by the Phantom of the Opera.

    2. I think what makes these women so beautiful is the pure raw beauty of the pleasure they exhibit. More people would be considered much more beautiful if they smiled more, laughed more, experienced all the pleasures of life and not hold it inside of them. Let yourself shine!

    3. The human body is a piece of art. There is nothing wrong with using superior forms in the work just because less ideal ones are also available.

    Provocation – silly exercise – or misunderstanding?
    It may well be that photographer Clayton Cubitt can promote himself by showing “orgasms” during the reading of literature and that he thus wants to illustrate that literature is just as good as sex.
    But the case is, that what his “models” experience here, at best, are three, four contractions in the abdomen, which favourably might be described as satisfaction.
    I sure hope that alone in solitude or with a partner – and in peace for an annoying Japanese under the table – they can achieve a lot more than that. Otherwise, they are after all still in an adolescent state of sexuality where one should have her “highlights” in a way that could barely be registered by others. That would be a feast if there was a single exhibitionist amongst, who could really throw her brain away and fall over the table – unable to continue reading. I can’t believe that it happened on this occasion.
    There might be control freaks who think it’s perfectly fine to control ones “orgasms” in the way that was expected on that “artistic” occasion. I even have a strap of that skin myself, but do not think that this is a progressive or liberating way to be “on top of the situation”.
    VAGINAL CONTRACTIONS AS ART – would be the right product name – but there is probably not so much art in that kind of display.

    1. You bring up a good point, and one that I largely agree with. But I have to add, that if I were reading a book, I would never come. It would be an hour later, still nothing, and my genitals would probably be in agony.

      It seems to be a very common male fantasy, to have a woman doing something unrelated to sex, and then to be able to sexually excite her to the point of distraction and then orgasm. I don’t know how it might turn out for all women (or even most women), but this certainly never happened to me.

      I’ve had several partners interested in having this exact scenario occur to me; they’d give me a task to focus on and they’d try to stimulate me to distraction/orgasm using the Magic Wand. I would continue on with the task, on and on, never faltering and never feeling even the tiniest bit distracted. Not to mention, never reaching orgasm.

      Of course the men would get furious and frustrated. They’d say they needed to find a toy that could get me to stop everything. I told them that it doesn’t work that way, that my mind needs to be completely engaged in and actively thinking about sex for my body to get excited. They’d tell me that I was unusual for a woman, that there was something wrong with me. So I’ve always assumed that most of their previous partners had faked orgasm for the man’s gratification.

      So I learned that whenever a man wants to set up this sort of scenario, he will not listen to reason when I tell him it is impossible to come under those circumstances. So I have a few choices: leave him; fake it for him; or follow all his instructions exactly as he says and never ever end up coming to orgasm (much to his frustration).

      Maybe these women are trained to be able to come, even when performing an unrelated task (such as reading), and maybe they are used to coming on camera. But it seems unlikely, and it sounds exactly like that ancient male fantasy which has caused me so much sorrow in my life.

      Men: I think many (if not all) women are unable to come the same way you do – they need their mind excited and fully engaged in order to reach orgasm. These depictions are not realistic.

      1. I think you’re committing the classic mistake of assuming that your experiences are true of most people. Fact is, I doubt anyone actually has any solid numbers. My anecdotal experience is that vibrators can certainly distract even when focusing on some other task, and this is also true of the other women I’ve spoken to or slept with.

        1. “Fact is, I doubt anyone actually has any solid numbers.”

          I volunteer to conduct this research. For science.

        2. Good point, you are likely correct. It seems totally unimaginable to me that people could be so easily distracted, but if people are claiming that they do, well I guess I should believe what they say about themselves. This is so far out of any of my experiences that it seems totally fantastical, but I shouldn’t be so dismissive.

      2. I’m sorry you have so much trouble giving in to pleasure. There is therapy for that, I’m sure. If you’re with someone who truly matters to you, and open to accepting pleasure, that distraction comes quite easily, no matter what other tasks are at hand.

        1. I’d always assumed that it was because I have a very intense and singular focus. If I focus on one thing, every bit of my energy is focused on it and I do not get distracted. Whether the distraction is sexual in nature or anything else. I do not see this as making me defective or an unacceptable aberration in need of therapy; in fact this same trait has allowed me to accomplish much in my lifetime.

          While I admit now that perhaps I do possess a focus that not everybody can relate to, I reject the notion that this ability is hindering me or my enjoyment of life. When I am in the mood for sex then I enjoy sex and while I am thinking about sex then I orgasm easily. When I am thinking about something else (anything else) then I go on thinking about something else and will simply not be turned on or think about sex.

          No need to offer me any condolences, if you were unable to get off from whipping then I wouldn’t feel sorry for you or suggest you get therapy to change that. All this is is a sex game that (apparently) some people enjoy, but it doesn’t do anything for me. In fact it’s a turn-off for me. Pain is also a major turn-off for me. No big deal. Nobody’s kink is “superior” to anybody else’s.

  8. Loved it, and now I’d like to see one with men. Also, would like to see the women for a few minutes after the orgasm.. seems a little male-centric (not a bad thing, but just what it is) to think that it’s all over once she orgasms. Could be interesting to see how her voice, posture, presence changes after the big O.

    1. Yes. Following for even a full minute after would show a return/ recompose nicely. The savoring of the experience.

  9. Thousands of years of “culture”. Thousands of years of ideas and philosophies, of shells and layers, all get smashed in few minutes. It takes less than 10 minutes to connect back to the inner self.

    Look at the faces of the women after the orgasms. Look how they glow and shine, full of glory, full of life, full of being. Check how they look before, dull and pale, hiding underneath thousands of layers and patterns of norms and behaviour codes. Look how the mind tries hard to prevent the inevitable, and the more it tries, the closer it gets to it.

    It took most women around 5 min to reach to orgasm. While for the rest, it took around 10 min. So much of men reaching orgasm before women 😉

  10. Really, I don’t think this is great, original, creative, genuine or any interesting at all.
    I m unsure if this can be called “art”.
    Funny? Yeah, probably it is just a bit funny and nothing to give much attention then.
    The best I can say is that it just shows we can do whatever comes to our minds and show it to the entire world and someone somewhere will immediately absolutely love it no matter what. Some people would even pay for it.
    In any case, how can we be sure these women are not acting, faking or performing? But you may say that even if these girls were just faking it doesn’t really matter as the idea, the concept is all that matters.
    Is this pornography? If pornography, isn’t much of pornography all about acting, faking, performing and showing off?
    If not pornography then.. Is this art? Erotic art? Visual art? If so, would this endure time?
    Or probably Cubbit just did it for fun and that’s it,
    It’s just ok.
    The world is a huge place and there is room for these ideas to develop.
    Im not impressed at all.

    1. Thanks for the sanity check. My one thought is that the homogeneity of the subjects (all women, & all conforming to one societal standard of beauty) trips my cynicism detector into thinking this was more an excuse for male voyeurism than anything else.

      1. There are men in Hysterical Literature in episodes V, VI, & VII. Commenters haven’t ventured deep enough to see that this art form did go beyond women. Sure, Stoya and others may be profiting from this erotica having made this, but fame comes in many forms and in many ways. The art form itself depicts the body-mind conflict as most orgasms for women are brain-centered. This shows that while the brain was attempting to be occupied with thought, the body still was able to react to stimulation. I would say this was not only wonderful, but leans on the scientific. 😉 I loved that aspect. <3

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  12. Very interesting , would be interesting to use mature models as well to prove that the orgasm is not just something younger women have

  13. This is Awesome! I have a flirty mind. My friend sent me this post. I asked her to add a comment. She did. TY baby 😉

  14. Wonderful, but how on earth did you muffle the sound of the vibrator? I’m the founder of Good Vibrations (San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, and I can say unequivocally that the Hitachi Magic Wand has been the best selling sex toy in the store(s) and by mail order since the day the first tiny little store opened in the spring of 1977…(no that’s not a typo, it’s really 36 years ago!). I gotta ask how many they sell a year now. I also produced and directed the video Orgasm: Faces of Ecstasy (Available from Filmbaby and Amaxon–or email me to have me send you one directly–until the last 40 or so copies are gone). It shows the faces (only) of a dozen men and a dozen women during orgasm, and interviews them about their experience “coming” for the camera.

  15. Interesting at first but then i began to wonder, why didn’t the director have the book propped up and the camera a bit lower so we could really see into the eyes and face of these lovely women? i’m not sure it would be better, but i suspect it’d be interesting to see more than just the top of their heads. Good concept, but not so great in the composition and execution.

  16. orgasm

    when you get there
    a shower of sparks
    sprinkles down
    from the base of your inner skull
    through the spinal cord, abdomen an legs
    a deranged elongated short circuit
    no you
    no I
    only brightness in spasms

    p.s. …and it’s not about getting there within 5 ore 10 minutes and afterwards returning to “noraml” as fast as our superego demands..

  17. I think the interesting part about this concept is the juxtaposition of sexuality and intellectualism. It’s a common theme in feminist theories that women can’t be taken seriously, professionally, if they appear as sexual creatures. I wonder if that’s part of what this is about or just my interpretation. Anyway, I can’t wait to watch it and see if my theory changes, I’m assuming this is NSFW.

  18. IF you don’t like it…don’t watch it. It is erotica done in a very clean way. These women knew what they were getting into and probably have a sexual freedom to each one as well, so orgasm is rather easily reached. Not all women are hung up on their sexuality and are capable of enjoyment. Attractive women are picked because it is pleasing to the eye…if a non attractive woman wants to do this than make your own video. Relax and enjoy the show..

    1. Yeah but is on youtube. So the content is available outside of its own limitation of context. So they have a responsibility when making this available to the broader public.
      I think that it therefore contributes to the sexualisation of women by painting the picture of an always sexually willing and ready woman. It doesn’t do anyone a favour outside of their circle. Their whole process is very unethical.
      They make a profit, the girls that are in the porn business get more known, and they probably all get paid by Hitachi to do this. But it is highly irresponsible for the image of Western women and women in general that they spread now around the world.

  19. Would have been even more captivating if they ladies read legal documents, contrats, corporate term and conditions instead of great literature.

    1. Hahahaaaaaaa!! Whatever floats your boat, man! As long as none of them EVER read the gruesome parts of “American Psycho”, this might get kids into reading good books :)

  20. I think this is an excellent celebration of both literature and human sexuality. A few years ago I actually had a partner who got me to read to him while he… did stuff. It was one of the most fun and creative experiences I’ve ever had in bed! Nothing eventuated with the guy but we’re still friends and it’s a nice memory. (Never did read the whole book though… I couldn’t, after that!) Great to see someone’s taken the idea a step further and put a camera in front of these women. An orgasm is a beautiful thing to watch.

  21. Science fiction combined with a lack of imagination.
    “The only important elements in any society are the artistic and the criminal, because they alone, by questioning the society’s values, can force it to change.”
    Samuel R. Delany not only is an author but also a teacher of science fiction and thus not obliged to relate to reality.
    Just think of those places where criminals have established their force to an extent so they de facto govern society f.x. Sicily or various parts of Middle and South America. You than understand that the criminal mindset when it comes to reality is not at all anarchistic but just conservative, brutal and completely unjust.
    So the motto of ”Criminal Wisdom” is just – to one half – provocative bullshit.
    The same goes for this obviously very esteemed ”show your orgasm” project.
    I don’t know the participating women’s backgrounds but I cant imagine, that their parents proudly present their daughters appearance on the Internet to family friends.
    I am convinced that some of them are quite afraid that their family ever should find out what ”the had been into”. Off course they all might be born members of a religious sect where sexuality i celebrated as a worship of their God(s) – that would be a kind of unrealistic science-fiction-society as well.
    My personal conclusion is therefore, that also ”Hysterical Literature” is on it’s way to end up as nothing else but provocative bullshit – I CAN imagine what most of the enthusiastic comments to come will show: A lack of understanding what orgasm really is about. – it’s NOT science fiction – if you should be in doubt!

    1. I challenge your (second-hand) assertion that only art and crime are important to society. Any act of hope and humour is a benefit to anyone lucky enough to come across it.

      Given that you don’t believe this assertion to be applicable to reality, I propose that you live in a theoretical (sci-fi) world, in fear of the light of reason. I also assume that your are either a) under 25 or b) of a mindset more cynical than befits your age or c) both. If you would use the word “bullshit” in any kind of assessment or criticism, I’m also assuming you cannot even articulate your half-baked ideas.

      Injustice is a reality, but the belief in such is just plain unimaginative. “Criminal”, in this instance, speaks of destroying taboos and prejudices, which you give as justification for your sentiments. This effectively pits you against yourself in a textbook example of Platonic irony.

      In short, dear sir, you are an angry, uninspired individual.

    2. I hear where you’re coming from, and to you I say, “Get on with it, brother.” If you don’t like what you see here, or you’ve got some other insights, then why not use your energy for something creative and inspired rather than tarnishing your own understanding by passing judgement and ranting on. We become what we resist. You are no better than whatever pushes your buttons.

      1. So…there is only space for words that support this as good and right? You think that someone giving their opinion against something is wasting their energy? Where would the world be without resistance to what is happening somewhere? Without people’s antagonist view the right to make this video wouldn’t even exist. People are allowed to disagree and judge…it’s actually more interesting to hear many perspectives and not just one worn out pornified view. This video is silly and fun and it is not art.

    3. What is your IQ? Nearing a genius level, perhaps 150, typing this while being afraid of underestimating it.
      There is a criticism to your succinct yet profound thesis. I think that technology changes society more abruptly. In fact, we wouldn’t be communicating or watching these cheap-o erotica films without it.

    1. I agree, xylene. The beauty for me was in the faces of the women and the joy in their obvious orgasmic experience. From my human perspective, there is no more beautiful form than that of the female of our species. Chuck

  22. This is awesome; brings together sex and literature, which are not generally associated. Can this be done with men or is the collective consent not ready for that??

    1. I definitely think this should be done with men! Sounds like fun to me.
      I recall something vaguely similar in the movie Swordfish, where a hacker was given the challenge to hack a computer while simultaneously being given a blow job under the table.

    1. Excellent.
      I’ll bet you that title was on the table when they were trying to name this project.

  23. this is beautiful and vulnerable and tender. i love it. for those of you who think they are faking it: trust me, they’re not. i first discovered this wand in my late twenties and now i’m in my late forties. it works. supposedly there are ten types of female orgasm. i should know; i’ve experienced 12 or 15 of them…so some of them are gentle and surprising. and for the comment from the person who was “disappointed” in their orgasms: even if you are an exhibitionist, having an orgasm in front of someone else is a very vulnerable and intimate act, and in front of strangers, even more so, and in front of a camera, even more. there is a moment when you want to give in so much, and then there is a moment of self consciousness, when you realize that people are watching the crazy awesome thing that is happening to your body. eventually you can’t take it anymore because that thing is relentless, and even if you are doing something totally unsexy and distracting, eventually you will give in. eventually. which is the beautiful thing about an orgasm: it’s the exhilarating and shocking pleasure of realizing that you aren’t in control, that something can just take you by surprise and rock your world and be incredulous every time. to be willing to be this vulnerable is very brave.

  24. the word art really means sharing vision, This project a nice sexy etc idea, and has an element of gentleness to it but it isnt creative., Juxtaposing a few readily availible things, or taking credit for a sunset, mountain or face as a creation isnt art. Imho to be art, whatever your doing has to pass though a persons mind and engage deep or even unknown elements of our make up. No amount of’theres nothing new under the sun’ arguments can change the difference

  25. shame there are no older, or unattractive women, or more of different cultural backgrounds, or some obviously disabled …

    or males too ..

      1. It’s “PC” to want to see a more realistic and broad representation of women? No, I don’t think so. I think you are programmed to think so.

  26. errmmmm Does it work on guys as well as gals … ermmm maybe not, but the girls sure like the experience !! :-)

  27. WOW, Stoya! Despite your orgasm is really beautiful, the text you chose and how you read it with this growing excitement together with the words literaly brought me shivers down my spine and literally to tears. Your voice is amazing.
    Great idea. Really beautiful work overall!

  28. phallogocentrism at its peak, declamatory and moving i agree, but in the end, possibly just a quick fix attempt at linguistic hygiene, comical and funny, ironically dry humour. I would say this is art disguised by a table. A great pun on escapism.

  29. I really want to know if they are acting or for real. If they are acting it is too bad that you can not find a real art in acting(in this case). If it is real every woman has a different beginning and different finish. Ever culture too. First Asian lady is quieter than other ones. I wonder why? Why one lady laughed at the end and why one was so quiet. What is their story behind it. It is different. Is it art? If put my self front of a camera with different kind of throwing up I wonder will it be art too?

  30. Pingback: The lovely Corrine
    1. the erotic part of these videos is the beauty and rawness of the female orgasm. its the exact opposite of the scripted faked orgasm in traditional porn. although erotic i seam to be satisfied simply just my watching them be satisfied.

  31. It would have been exciting if they weren’t ultra refurbished women.
    They have had so much sexual experience that they endure 10 minutes with a vibrator, let alone the shameful experience of being filmed and stimulated by a pervert(and perhaps complete stranger).
    It is not sexy, it is vicious, inadvertently dull and self-defeating.
    I would be scared to share the same sit as any of them on a subway out of fear of contracting herpes.
    But of course, the comment section is filled with sex positive feminists that hate male and prudent people, rakes, impulsive brats, and frustrated salaried mid-class Caucasians, so I am expecting a backlash. Bring it on.

    1. um, is sex positive a bad thing, cause it sure sounds, oh, i dont know, *positive*! i’m sorry you feel that way, carlos, and i’m sorry for any woman who has to endure your puritanical missionary-in-the-dark-under-the-sheets-as-quick-as-possible-and-the-woman-daren’t-enjoy-any-bit-of-it shadow of sex. i think these women–who are not perverts or porn stars, are very brave to “expose” themselves emotionally and be so vulnerable for the sake of this project. if they were so uptight and repressed that this would be shameful for them to do, they wouldn’t have done it!

      you know, the first person i ever knew who had herpes had only had sex with four people in his entire life. and i have a friend who, in the navy, was “young and stupid” and had sex with hundreds of women around the world, including in brothels, and he is now regularly tested and has no stds. std is not a sign of promiscuity, and neither is this project. a virgin could have done this project. all she needed to be was articulate, intelligent, and not puritanically repressed about her own sexuality to the point that having an orgasm in front of another person or persons in the name of artistic exploration and expression would be shameful to her.

      and i’m confused that you have this idea that all women must climax in some meysterious less-than-ten-minute time period (i guess that goes together with the above puritanical ideals of “acceptable” sex–or not) or else they’re somehow oversexed–for many women, practice makes excellent–the more regular sexual activity, alone or with a partner, the more a woman learns about her body and how to reach orgasm–as fast as possible if she wishes, or how to prolong the pleasure, and in many different ways, via many different stimuli.

      oh, and what on earth does “ultra-refurbished women” even mean? are you saying that they’re too polished, too pretty? or that the lighting is too professional? totally lost me on that one, bud.


        · Juxtaposition of puritan values with sex positive ones. Even when unwarranted.

        · Typical strawman of vilifying the counterargument with the alleged morality-code-break association, to be found nowhere.

        · Why shouldn’t women enjoy sexual encounters? You made that one up as well. Shameless.

        · The fact that an exceedingly imprudent and promiscuous man did not contract venereal diseases and that a man that had 4 sexual partners contracted herpes is not a proof of disconnection between promiscuity and STDs. It is a hasty generalization. Those are perhaps an exception(and perhaps not. In the former case, it could have been in the far past when venereal diseases were less spread, in fact due to moderate sexual behaviour; and the latter because the man had at least one sexual partner who was promiscuous).

        · Articulate and intelligent to be in these videos? Please pinpoint it for me, because I see no intelligence at all, perhaps a bit of articulation here and there. Next time bring the penguins so that they can articulately and sensually moan at the screen as well.

        · Do you remember how much you endured when you firstly masturbated? Well, there is your sample of reference. Libertines and porn make it sound as though more than 15 minutes is the standard, when it is not.

        · You keep mentioning and attempting to associate “puritanical” with “repressed” and “in the dark”. Try the same, but substituting “puritanical” with “lascivious”. It works equally, if not even more so, depending on the culture one lives in and how discordant with it the individual is.

        · Dissolute values can lead to suffering, you know? Moderation is not repression.

        · Modesty and shyness in front of other individuals is part of a defence mechanism against ill-intended individuals.

        · The more the better right? Wrong. Sexual positivists think that all people that do not share their world view are repressed. While that is a convenient vilification from you guys, it is not accurate. There are MANY more things in life than sticking stuff in your genitalia, you know?

        · Why nobody in the sexual positivism community seem to realize(or accept) that THE LESS the thought on sex, the more intense the orgasm. They do not talk about that because it would reveal their true hidden nature… that they are unable to overcome their vice; and that it is not about quality but quantity.

        · Refurbished: To make clean, bright, or fresh again; renovate.
        More or less what cunning sellers do. Grab an old turd, polish it, and profit by refurnishing it and convincing unsuspecting customers that it is rusty gold.

        You need to point me into the reference to the evidence that they are not perverts or porn stars. It is hard to believe.

        The aforementioned concepts however should not detract followers of this ideology if they are truly happy… for how much time that may last. As all ideologies, apologists tend to highlight the positives(sometimes misrepresented), but conceal or ignore the negatives(which in this case are sneaky but prevalent).

      2. Maybe for him they seem to climax fast because they can’t wait to get away from him. Therefore they fake it. He’s so clueless, he probably wouldn’t know.

    2. I bet you have a small dick and that’s why you hate women and sex so much and you probably use religion as a means of making yourself feel better for the guilt from the choices you have made in life.

      Oddly enough I find it very humorous that a man preaching religion is also preaching hate and intolerance…then again no one who claims to be religious and follow in “gods” footsteps has ever really practiced what they preached and I am pretty sure the ten commandments follow through to all branches of religion.

      You may want to try Loving Thy Neighbor… more ways than one!

  32. Absolutely beautiful. The tug of war between the mind and body, fighting so hard to not give in, but finally unable to contain yourself any longer, and you just let go into the madness and pleasure of ecstasy. It was incredibly erotic to me, but also absolutely beautiful. Wonderful project. Thank you for creating this.

  33. This is the greatest thing ever! So much fun, exciting, and (to me) an original idea.
    It’s interesting how the people who are not into it have to go to such lengths to bash it. Who decides whether something “is” sexy?? It’s not your place to judge. If you don’t find it erotic, find new pastures. I thought it was wonderfully sexy, suggestive, intimate and artistic. You can’t appreciate and celebrate a female orgasm in all it’s loveliness? I feel sorry for you. :)

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  35. i dig this and am totally going to try it. soon. i love the not only juxtaposition of literature and sexuality but the coalescing. i found myself drawn into the language as the women were drawn into their pleasure, mixing the pleasure of words and expression with sexual pleasure. the complete, coherent meaning of the full passages began to break apart like melting icebergs, and i began to latch on to and indulge in individual phrases, even picking up abstract erotic imagery where there was none in the original intent of the writing.

    from the comments, i hope those who misinterpreted “hysterical” as “comedy” or “funny” have figured it out and i hope those who did not like it find something else that challenges their intellect and comfort zone while piqueing their interest like this did for so many. I also look forward to subsequent installments with a wider variety of individuals, not because i’m jumping on the feminazi bandwagon that a clump of lovely women must neccessarily be a bad, exclusionary thing, but because i enjoyed this so much i want to see men, women of a wider variety of looks and insights, and even transgendered people–the scope of this exercise ever expanding to cover more and more different individuals–inside and out.

    oh, and i thought these orgasms were very natural, neither faked nor sub-par. the experience and its expression varies greatly from individual to individual, as does level of sexual interest, i.e. level of distractibility by way of sexual stimulation.

  36. This was absolutely amazing to watch!! So intensely erotic trying to maintain composure wile doing something ordinary like reading a book!! It must have taken some doing for these women to continue reading the text while being sexually stimulated!! Fabulous would have given my right arm to be part of this experiment!! Totally awesome and non pornographic!!

  37. the vibrator song- You can turn it on you can turn it off, it doesn’t snore it doesn’t cough. you can read a book and at the same time drop your mother a line, what does she do in her room all day long, it does make a difference it does the job well all your friends will tell you ” your looking so young lately” .
    JOKE- after watching it I now know what a woman orgasiming looks like ! all these years I thought she was……….

    summerizing – the video’s made me laugh in a way i haven’t for a long time, not a gawfaw or belly laugh a beautiful chuckle with a smile I felt warm and touched. very interesting the whole thing, only downer are the comments ( like mine included) bringing it down.
    conclusion- before you comment have an orgasm then write down the first thing that comes to your head.
    \ beautiful. erotic, made me sad for the days gone by when the women i knew would take me to fun places and make me chuckle and cry and laugh and take me on a journey I wouldn’t have known except for my beautiful female accomplices.. they looked like they were up for a laugh. thanx girls for the softness and lightness today watching that made me feel a little human which soen days is in short supply. tenderness and warmth.

    now all the internet trolls can destroy my sentiments and project all their pain and lack of love in their life.

    HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE THAT – yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  38. I think the female orgasm might be one of the most sexually erotic things on the planet. I became sexually attracted to one of the girls specifically because of the type of orgasm she was having. This is truely a very creative and brand new form of artistic film and shows that the adult film industry is dearly lacking in the orgasm department

  39. Not having read all of the comments or the Salon article, I apologize if this has been mentioned before…
    What’s fascinating and most beautiful is that each woman’s publicly projected persona is removed just after orgasm; for a few seconds they are nothing but relaxed and peaceful. You can easily see it in their facial tones and hear it in their voices.

  40. Honest, daring, classy, educated, fun, tender, sexy… no, is not the man of my dreams, is the porn of dreams!!! LOL!! 😀 I think that, as usual, the modern art happens to be on that thin edge between what’s art and what’s not; well, if there are comics considered art and trash movies considered “cult movies”, I think these videos can be considered art as well with a remarkable merit. To me, art should provoke on its audience a compound of emotions an intellectual stimulus, what actually happened to me while watching these videos, and art should be always linked to the appreciation of beauty; and there are infinite kinds of beauty, but that’s the whole point, right?: “to seek for beauty through art”!!! If I would want to see ugly things, get disgusted till puke, and depressed till think that human kind is condemned and there is no way out, I wouldn’t loose my time going to an exposition, to a concert, to the theater, here against the screen of my computer, or wherever the art is/happens. So, for all those snobs whining around that these videos are “vain” because all of the girls “are beautiful”, let me tell you that as an average woman, not pretty, not ugly, not young, not old, just a woman in the middle, I felt identified because these women are real, some a little bit chubby, some with crooked eyes, some with a dummy shirt; the weren’t faking, they were real. And yes, fat women and I-don’t-know what other suggestions I read above are also beautiful, but the pre concept that “honest” art should be “ugly” in order to be honest, is the most pretentious and burgeois statement, since I can see that you probably don’t have enough real life out there and you’re just looking for it in small doses, all well packaged and wrapped. Congratulations to the artist and to the girls!!! :)

  41. This project REALLY did it for me – I’m not a great fan of the usual porn AT ALL, finding it usually too amusing/cheesy – this is anything but! They are all beautiful women and that is not a problem for me (Stoya probs my fave!). As myself a big ugly fat woman I wouldn’t get the same arousal from watching myself or someone like me doing this – but there are still big fat woman who are in fact beautiful (Adele, Claire from Steps to name a couple) who I’d not have a problem watching carrying out this same task.

    Brilliant work, maybe something more like this instead of the same old regular boring stuff out there!

    And now I’m off to bed to watch it again! 😉

  42. This is very interesting. I can’t wait for another videos 😛 😀 and for those who asked about male version, I looked on Google and I found some male version videos.

  43. Hilarious, such an intriguing idea. btw noone was fat or ugly, they were all beautiful so others should stop being so viscous! anyway, best form of art EVER

  44. Some idiots will pornographise anything and everything in order to make a name for themselves. Witness a pile of bricks or a pile of horse manure in an art Gallery. Most of these photographers merely have to press a button and the camera does the rest. Thats not art. Anybody can do that !
    Art is when most people have to have a real skill in order to create something of Artistic Value. These videos are utterly valueless !
    Anyone wanting a good laugh or bit of seedly porn would love them, but then does nt that show how meaningless and base it really is ?

  45. I took a recording of Stoya’s reading. I composed a song to it. It is now a spoken word poem over a musical arrangement. I played all the instruments myself, and threw it together rather quickly. The Stoya video definitely inspired me spiritually/sexually. Partly because the words of that poem are so freakishly fantastic. Partly because Stoya looks and sounds like a goddess, and partly because I am a screwed up, strange little artist myself. Here’s the URL:

  46. Wow, a lot of comments. Double wow, a lot of over-think and negativity in the comments too (alongside plenty of insight, just to keep things balanced). For my own part, and as someone who DOES like porn… I liked this too. Something about it made this woman adorable while at the same time good and noble and — in contrast to porn — unexploited. Instead of thinking about what it was going to do for me, I was thinking about what it was doing for them… and how I’d love to know how to that better myself, for someone I care about.

    P.S. I also thought, at least once, “Gee, I wish I could write like that.”

  47. Where are the men?
    This doesn’t come across to me as liberating, it comes across as a woman being molested against her will and simply laughing it off afterwards as though it is fine. Maybe the reason you can’t get that intimacy in porn is because the woman aren’t there for the same circumstance. Who are these women, what do they do? Nobody seems to care, they just want to steal something intimate from them for their own sexual pleasure.I get it is supposed to be light hearted and fun but it’s just not the way it speaks to me. I feel violated as though I am one of those women having something taken from me, my instant thought was “another woman performing sexual favours for the sake of ‘art’,”
    But this is just my reaction, I thought I would write it as it is interesting how different it seems to be from the majority, but I guess I agree with using a wider selection of people as maybe using men and woman of all shapes and sizes would stop it from seeming, with lack of better words, sexist and objectifying. Then again it might not make the slightest bit of difference. It is interesting however that sexuality doesn’t seem to play a part at all in this, at least that is liberated.

    1. This is only one of many Hysterical Literature projects. There have been both men and women, persons of color, and all shapes and sizes too that have participated in this art form. My only suggestion to the makers of these artful projects is to include the variety in all of the ones you make or else they will only be viewed as something other than art.

  48. Great concept. Very thought provoking and sexy. I especially love the fact that they’ve added the reading aspect to it … Adds a different interpretation to the words … Fun seeing someone trying to hide something that personal from the camera … and eventually not being able to keep themselves from revealing themselves. A beautiful “human” moment.

    I wish that the photographer would do the same with various kinds of people … old men and women, middle-aged men, fat & very thin … This would add an artistic authenticity to the project.

    1. A beautiful human moment indeed. I often wonder why so many men rush through love making as if it is an Olympic event. When I watch this and see the movements, the expressions, the building up and the exquisite crescendo, I wonder why more men don’t fully involve themselves in this opportunity for watching love in action. Sure, anyone can be stimulated into an orgasm but to watch a person that is in love with you….now THAT is magical. Like Ben said, I’d like to see various kinds of people also in order to add artistic authenticity to this art project.

  49. I would love to see more variety with this. If there were some older women or men that would be really interesting! I love what you guys did here. I think it was a brilliant idea as far as art goes. Watching women try to fight it and compose themselves is so funny. But the best part was watching some of them just enjoy themselves. You can tell they’re having an awesome time and it’s even funnier how you can see the “oh my god what am I doing” look on their face followed by a huge smile and some giggles. It really is just pure enjoyment!

  50. this is brilliant. it shows amazing contrast between the intelligent, sophisticated, civilized human being (not that masturbation and orgasms make you any less of those things) and the basic, instinctual, animal in all of us. it shows a beautiful, intimate and passionate side to these people most probably will never get to see and they’ve taken their walls down, which isn’t easy, and opened up to the world.

    good job on this.

  51. That’s surely the best body-mind-emotion mix I’ve ever seen! Great idea Clayton and a year long standing ovation for you, actresses/artists/goddesses, yours are the best performances ever! That’s art, fun, genius, and reality. I love it. Thanks. PS: I had an erection . Love, Andrea.

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  53. Well, it’s obviously a fraud. there is a big gap in the whole thing. When each woman finishes and announces the text and her identity, the person underneath the table also suddenly finishes.. So, how does he / she under the table know that the woman has finished so to ‘withdraw’? The woman and the vibrator suddenly stop in unison?? Would be ok if it was just one, but it’s all of them. Obviously they have all been told how to act.

    Sorry, but there’s the flaw in this act.


    1. Seriously? How do they know when to ‘withdraw’? I’d say it’s pretty obvious. If you’ve experienced having sex with a woman who is brought to orgasm, it’s pretty self explanatory… pft!

  54. Very creative, I love that they crumble at words that relate to orgasms and sex, and those cheeky and slightly embarrassed smiles are wonderful. I love genuine orgasms, they give me a grin myself. The artistic honesty is spot on. ^ _^

  55. It’s really very interesting. I was looking for something that inspired me for my next erotic story and…well this is more than inspiration. Thank you Clayton Cubitt and especially thanks a lot Ladies, you are wonderful in the vids.

  56. it would be so good to see a guy’s version of this.

    So much to discuss here.. its all about openness and beauty.

    I particularly love how most of the women can’t help but smile while having an orgasm. It appears to be so innocent…or is it because they are being filmed??

    I love it!

  57. I had an extremely similar experience like this while creating new artwork. It was intimate, fun, self-loving, creative, surprising and fulfilling on so many wonderful and new levels. The combination of staying composed and focusing while receiving sensual/sexual pleasure… is truly amazing.

  58. I’m not sure how I’d do on this particular project, if I were the lady reading. I’m married, so I can’t imagine someone else vibrating me. Also, I’m straight, so the idea of a woman bringing me to orgasm is a little unnerving. I find that these chicks are cumming really fast, too. Must be the excitement of the unknown, or trying to keep your composure. I don’t know. It would take me longer! HAHA!

  59. I enjoyed it immensely and found it highly erotic and arousing. I’ve always loved women’s orgasms and specifically the facial expressions and subtle noises. I like the contrast of this video of a hidden stimulus with a very obvious public display of enjoyment and pleasure. Great to watch the women try and hold their orgasm only to submit to the desire in the end.

    Not sure about some of the criticisms, specifically one particular comment alluding to the women being sexually experienced and/or porn stars. I don’t think, whatever the case may be, that it has any bearing on the quality and sensuality of these performances.

    Teresa was my favourite, supremely beautiful and fantastically animated.

  60. Are you saying that the ladies should manifest shyness in front of other individuals as part of a defence mechanism against ill-intended individuals like you? How often do you feel like you’ve lost your humanity”? How often you feel the need to project that feeling towards others? How about the other feeling about your “ludicrous values or lack thereof”? you must have had some intense experiences.. Did someone abuse you? In the subway maybe? You say you are scared… That explains your exagerated prudence.. and frustration. Do you want to end that? Other people do not feel frustrated seeing this you know… I invite you to share with us your traumatic experiences knowing that, after that, you will be able to enjoy life more, and feel thankful that some have decided to share their intimate momens with you. Let me ask something else: if someone gives you a gift, you refuse to accept it, out of prudence, regarding it as vicious, inadvertently dull and sneaky, Instead of being thankful for what’s provided? “THE LESS the thought on sex, the more intense the orgasm” is true only if for you the thoughts abot sex are associated subconsciously with a traumatic experience, maybe with some vice, that feels like it’s your true hidden nature. Not thinking about sex at all is not repression? How about moderation? Have you tried to talk to someone about what is happening to you? a friend or maybe a therapist? That could start the healing process.

  61. This was better than any fake ass porn. Thank you lovely ladies for sharing this with us. If you didn’t like it is cool move on. Loved it Love it loved..Kiss and love to all the ladies that shared this with us.

  62. I loved these videos and wrote a song for my band – Rabbit Foot – whilst watching through the first and last videos, Stoya & Teresa… It’s since got us to the London finals of Hard Rock Rising (Battle of the bands) and onto quite a few festival stages in the UK :-) Thanks for your work, beautifully shot and weirdly and wonderfully superb!! We changed the name from ‘She Cums For Me’ so as to leave the subject matter more mysterious haha!

  63. getting knocked up by a machine for money is pretty much the same as whoring am i right? welcome to 2014 where its socially accepted to be a whore as long as you read a book while climaxing. have some dignity and self respect for fuck sake

    1. I know baby.But this is not socially accepted still,just internet accepted.
      internet=that part where are people less moral,and they cover themselfs with words like “art” and “this is beautiful” and “thank you laydi”and so on.I say is beautiful for men to know how a girl orgasm looks not fake.
      and there was a question:why the girls finish and then nothing?is there someone under the table to take the thing off?I explain.When the orgasm is over you can still be penetrated,it has no effect anymore.

  64. I din’t really have the time to read all comments so I don’t know if it has been mentioned earlier, but I would really love to see a men’s version of it!! Maybe more complicated practically speaking, but I’m sure you’ll find a way…;)

  65. Clayton Cubit “takes a beautiful woman” what other kind of woman is there?
    The beauty is in the process. It is unfolding.
    The beauty in the person is limited
    Yes. Tantric torture porn.
    Although Walt Whitman’s work is already at this stage of ecstacy so reading the text and understanding it can neither prolong or delay the nirvana; rather, it forces one back into the bodily experience for refuge from the intellectual

  66. I thought watching Stoya was exciting, beautiful, erotic. I so wish it was me under the table…

    I loved watching her.

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