Little Hands Rodriquez told him of an incident that, he said, had made his shift that night an amusing one. He’d been patrolling along the Calle Paz Soldan around midnight, when he’d spied a guy climbing through a window. Revolver in hand, he ordered the man to halt, but the guy had burst into tears, swearing he wasn’t a thief but a man whose wife insisted that he come in the house that way, in the dark and through the window. And why not through the door, like everybody else? “Because she’s half crazy, ” the man whimpered. “It makes her more affectionate if she sees me entering the house like a thief – can you imagine? And other times she makes me threaten her with a knife to scare her, and even disguise myself as the Devil. And if I don’t do what she wants, she won’t give me so much as a kiss, sir.”

“He saw that you were an inexperienced kid and handed you a real, cock-and-bull story.” Lituma smiled.

“It’s the absolute truth,” Little Hands insisted. “I knocked at the door, we went in, and the wife, an uppity little samba, said it was true and why shouldn’t she and her husband have the right to play their little game of robbers? The things you see in this job, eh, sergeant?”

“You said it, kid,” Lituma agreed, thinking of the black.

“On the other hand, a man would never get bored with a woman like that, sergeant,” Little Hands said, smacking his lips.”

~ Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter | Mario Vargas Llosa


Harpaxophilla. Sexual arousal from being robbed or burglarized. The word comes from the Greek word ἅρπαξ, harpax, “robber” and -philia, “love”.

Harpaxophillia is also sometimes called Chremastistophilia , whereby sexual arousal is obtained from being robbed, conned, cheated, blackmailed or otherwise forced to lose out fiscally by a partner or complete stranger. The person with Chremastistophilia disorder will subconsciously draw the strong emotions of frustration, annoyance, rage, fear or submission and focus this feeling into sexual arousal/gratification.

I’ve met several chremastistophiles, all of whom had been arrested on petty charges at some point in their lives — drug possession, minor theft, etc. All expressed a strong libido, but also a climax dysfunction. They got aroused, they just didn’t get off easily.

What magical thing finally provided that long-awaited release? The experience of being taken advantage of — which is different from out-and-out assault. It’s a variation on biastophilia, the perverse attraction to being raped, but the key distinction seems to lie in the impending threat itself. “Give me your wallet and nobody gets hurt” — that kind of thing.

One British gentleman proudly displayed the scar he received from a knife wound in the course of a mugging — an event which he said led to a spontaneous ejaculation, the most powerful and substantial he’d ever experienced. (While the sight of the knife wound continues to unhinge me.)

~ My Ten Favorite Fetishes| Kris Saknussemm

Kleptophilia is its opposite, sexual arousal obtained through theft or breaking and entering.

After hours of online research, I can’t find one academic paper or case study that deals with this condition which leaves me to believe it is extremely rare or possibly, even an internet fiction.

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