Malware aficionado Daniel White collects vintage computer viruses, infects his machines and records the results for his Youtube channel.

“This channel’s main purpose is to entertain users with the effects of (mainly older) pieces of malware, while educating them as to how they work. No, I will not send you any malware shown in any video, regardless of whether it is considered “harmless” or not. Malware is not a toy and additionally, it is against the YouTube terms of service to distribute it.”

Via Nerdcore.

I don’t know why I find this (hacking etc.) as interesting as I do. Perhaps it’s because I can’t shake the idea that when a computer becomes an indispensable extension of one’s mind, an extension of one’s identity, these kind of acts can become a form of psychic burglary. How easily a stranger on the other side of the world can whisper occult words into the hallows of your home and in the course of breaking your machines, erase pieces of you. Pieces that you just might not ever be able to recover.

Bytes to vapor. Ghosthood. Removal from the system.

And then, of course, there are the dinks who just want to spray paint day glow slogans all over the walls and shit in your bed while watching your filing cabinets burn.

Email-Worm.Win32.Loveletter (ILOVEYOU Worm, 12 years later)




Cybercide DOS Virus


Cybercide DOS Virus


ZippedFiles Windows Worm



Even more infected PCs here.


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